Tolani Alli

Who knew Ashton Kutcher will be the reason I picked up my first DSlR, no kidding, he was. Here I am about to turn 18 and Ashton comes on TV during a timeout of a Boston vs. Lakers game advertising for Nikon. I then picked up my laptop just to research what this d3000 could do, and I started looking at images and found myself looking at photography like I did with medical journals. I asked my parents for this camera as a birthday gift and well, I got it!

Excited as a kid in a candy store I got the camera but didn't even know how to take a focused picture, but my cousins knew how to work the camera better than I did, which motivated me to do more research. I started doing test shoots with cousins, friends and family to get better. They were my muse and of course I was curious to see where this journey would take me. That curiosity transpired into my life as a college student, my camera became my handbag. During that period, major organizations were impacting the campus in an amazing way, and the thought of documenting that journey came to mind. Since capturing the change they brought to campus, a few of my images had been published on the University's website, blogs, the University Newspaper and even in various departments on campus. Ashton Kutcher and my curiosity led me to a journey I've been blessed to embark on which in turn drives my determination to capture your journey of new beginnings. 

I happen to be blessed with the exposure and growth from two major continents, that is Africa and North America, and that in itself motivates me to create imagery that shows the journey and diversity that they both bring. Raised in Lagos, Nigeria and buttered in Michigan, USA I have had the best of both worlds as they say and through my journey those experiences have shaped and sharpened me to compose images that document the special moments that occur in one's lifetime. For me it's all about telling your story from the unseen moments, to the candid moments, to the process of how things come together and the historic moments that are bound to happen. Stories are significant and each story can be told differently but share the same meaning.  Creating an imagery that captures timeless memories for the future is and will always be my goal. 

When I am not busy clicking my shutter, I spend time watching basketball games, fixing computers, analyzing softwares and reading books that challenge my thinking, which pushes me to be the best I can possibly be.

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